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Corporate Social Responsibilty Program

Corporate Social Responsibility is about how organisations takes account of its economic, social and environmental impacts in the way it operates.


How can you undertake achievable CSR Projects?

We can benchmark your organisation's accountability, and help you engage with your stakeholders, develop your corporate social responsibility strategy, and manage your performance. We are also a leading provider of assurance of CSR and sustainability reports.


We deliver programs across seven main areas. These are:

  1. benchmarking of CSR management and performance
  2. organisational strategy development
  3. stakeholder development and engagement
  4. management of quality assurance of CSR and periodic sustainability reports
  5. organisational performance management
  6. change management communication (external and internal)
  7. responsible resourcing


Kaizen Synergy consultants provide a team approach from CSR strategy to environmental auditing, and stakeholder dialogue to report development.


Climate Change and Social Well-being Programs

There are reports that our own climate is changing as a result of human produced greenhouse gases. Governments across the globe are seeking to adopt and deliver ways in which to manage the emission of Greenhouse gases that absorb heat from the sun in the atmosphere and reduce the amount of heat escaping into space. What this means is that extra heat has been found to be the primary cause of observed changes in the climate system over the modern times. Some of these reported changes include:

  • increases in global average air and ocean temperature
  • widespread melting of snow and ice and
  • rising global sea levels.


Other observable impacts to the climate affect the atmospheric and ocean circulation, which influences rainfall and wind patterns.


Organisations are now playing a role in the development and administration of programs to combat Climate Change. Some of the Kaizen Synergy Corporate Social Responsibility programs are listed.