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Why is Compliance important?

There are many obligations that all organizations need to comply with. These obligations arise from:

  1. Commonwealth Legislation.
  2. State Laws and Regulations and may also include:
  3. Association guidelines and
  4. Other policy and procedure documentation.


If Organizations don't comply with the above obligations - they and their staff are at risk of being investigated by Regulators, may recieve fines, infringements and suffer a loss of reputation. We create a business asset thorough delivering solutions which provide cost effective management of an organisation's compliance and audit obligations to:

  1. assess and manage risk.
  2. provide evidence of an assured level of compliance.
  3. provide strategic business intelligence and
  4. meet corporate governance obligations.


Our Solution - Gemba Compliance

Gemba is a compliance program developed by Kaizen Synergy and used by a wide range of organisations.


Gemba Compliance Information Brochure - Click here