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Kaizen Synergy is a professional services and specialist management consulting company that is an incorporated legal practice. We provide a diverse range of services across all sectors. We work with organizations to improve their strategic and operational functions from the ground up. Broadly our services include:


  1. Clinical Governance
  2. Compliance
  3. Corporate Governance
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility
  5. Legal Services
  6. Quality Assurance and
  7. Risk Management.


Our Consultants come from a broad range of backgrounds. Kaizen Synergy provides services to organizations within all sectors. We work with organizations to improve their strategic and operational functions from the ground up.



aizen (改善)
is a business philosophy that focuses on continuous improvement throughout all aspects of life. When applied to the workplace, Kaizen activities seek to continually improve all functions of an organisation from the ground up. 


Our advice focusses on quality results for our clients. We provide our clients with the tools and knowledge to get the results they want and need.


Continuous improvement from the ground up involves engaging staff across our clients organization: from their volunteers, casual employees, right through to senior management, the CEO, Committees and Board of Directors. 


By having our clients' people at all levels focussed on the project enables significant and substantial quality improvements and reduces cost to our clients' organization.



refers to the phenomenon in which two or more agents acting together create an effect greater than when they operate seperately.


We work with our clients - to help them achieve great results.


When required we assist our clients in all stages of the management process. From Feasibility Assessment, to Planning, through Analysis, Development, Testing, Implementation, Delivery and Maintenance. 


We provide our clients with advice that includes tailored operational solutions. This is the Kaizen Synergy difference - and as a result our clients organizations are more effective and efficient.